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Comprehensive Reimbursement, Inc. (CRI) was founded in 2006 by Rick Kolaska and Jerrod Miller who have over 35 years of combined experience in providing various consulting and accounting services to the acute-care healthcare industry. CRI understands that every healthcare provider faces its own set of unique challenges and we are committed to helping our clients achieve success by providing specialized services to meet their individual needs.

Comprehensive Reimbursement specializes in health care consulting. Specifically, Medicare and Medicaid provider reimbursement. CRI believes the key to consulting projects is to deliver expertise in a way the provider is more knowledgable and better equipped to handle the issue at the conclusion of the engagement. In addition, CRI does not want to leave the provider with un-answered questions. Communication is considered very important during the project and occurs across all levels of staff and management.

In today’s environment, CRI's goal is to be your extra resource staying ahead of the constantly changing and evolving healthcare environment.