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Nursing & Allied Health Cost Reimbursement Recovery

Comprehensive Reimbursement, Inc. (CRI) can assist in the determination of hospital eligibility for additional payments for costs associated with providing nursing and allied health education. Nursing and allied health costs receive intense scrutiny during MAC audits so it’s imperative to have experts on your side to protect your reimbursement.

Start Up

    CRI can assist hospitals establishing a nursing or allied health education program to ensure they receive the maximum amount of Medicare reimbursement. This includes determining provider operator status, cost assignment, cost allocation, time studies, etc.

Revenue Enhancement

    CRI can review current Medicare cost report treatment of nursing or allied health education programs to identify revenue enhancement opportunities. CRI will ensure the hospital is receiving correct Medicare reimbursement under the current regulations, as well as, provide strategies to optimize cost reimbursement.

Audit Support

    Nursing and allied health education programs are intensely scrutinized during MAC audits. CRI can assist hospitals in defending their positions to ensure revenue is not lost.